Frequently Asked Questions on Our Shuttle Service

Yes, the shuttle operates every day of the year (with the exception of Christmas Day, December 25).

There are sometimes very busy spurts in our office, however the Brandon Air Shuttle office staff is always trying to do their best to catch every call.

We are also constantly checking messages because we would like your travel arrangements to go as smoothly as possible. Please leave us a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Our official office hours are: Monday-Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

*If you call outside of office hours, please understand your call may not be returned until the next business day. However if the message is urgent, please state your reason for calling and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. It is especially helpful to tell us what date you need to travel.*

We require the following information:

  • Names of all passengers travelling on the shuttle
  • Flight time
  • Flight number (including airline)
  • Number of bags (including over-sized items)
  • Manitoba phone number (if possible)
  • Specific address in Brandon (include name of business if applicable)
  • Email address (optional)
  • Method of payment

*If you would like to pay cash-on-board, a credit card is required to hold your seat at the time of your booking. In this case, the card will not be charged unless you decide to put it on your card or you do not show up. Our service is NON-REFUNDABLE*

We need a flight number or reason for travelling (ie. Medical, Family Business, etc.) as part of our licensing. It also lets us know if you have a tight connection, and makes it much easier for the driver to locate you at the airport when you are travelling from Winnipeg to Brandon.

No. The Brandon Air Shuttle has licensing to take passengers to Winnipeg for medical, business and for family reasons, in addition to airport service.

The Brandon Air Shuttle is Pre-Booked, Pre-Paid and NON-REFUNDABLE.

It is possible to meet up with the driver at the airport in Winnipeg, however we cannot guarantee that there will be a seat available to you.

Please DO NOT attempt to reserve a seat or pay the information desk at the airport. All reservations are made through the staff of the Brandon Air Shuttle or through travel agencies. Please call our office from the airport so we know you are looking for a seat.

If we know far enough ahead of time that more than 10 people (which is our capacity) want the shuttle, we may decide to put an extra shuttle on the road. This is at the owners’ discretion so please leave your name and phone number with our office staff when you call to check for space.

Our best suggestion is for you to book as soon as you have finalized your travel plans. Unfortunately, we cannot guess which shuttles will fill up, so we apologize if we are not able to accommodate you. To avoid this, you may call our office to check for space before you book your flights.

The Brandon Air Shuttle has a NON-REFUNDABLE policy, so another good idea is to wait until your travel arrangements are set in place and are unlikely to change. There is nothing we can do for you if you catch another ride, for whatever reason. We guarantee you a seat because you’ve guaranteed payment for that seat.

Each passenger is allowed 2 bags and a carry-on.
There will be an extra charge for any over-size or extra luggage.
*The Brandon Air Shuttle does not transport pets*

No, we are unable to provide pet service.

Yes. Please let us know ahead of time that you will be travelling with an assistance animal.

Yes. If you have allergies to animals, there is a chance we may be transporting seeing-eye dogs, so please inquire when you book. Unfortunately, we cannot control whether our passengers wear perfume or not, but we respectfully ask that all passengers limit the amount of perfume or cologne they apply since the vans are a fairly confined space. Please let the driver know if you are having trouble breathing and how he/she may assist you. Note: It is law that you have to allow assistance animals on board public transportation.

Yes. There is no extra charge for mobility assistance devices. We allow two items such as canes, folding walkers and folding wheelchairs. Please let us know ahead of time so we can allow space in our vehicles. If you would like to bring a scooter, extra charges will apply.

Also, please let us know ahead of time if you need any type of assistance. Our drivers are more than willing to help out their passengers and like to know in advance which passengers will need extra assistance.

We allow two and a half hours between the two locations.

There are no washrooms on board the shuttle. If you require a washroom break, please let the driver know and they will stop at the nearest gas station along Hwy. #1. Please be aware that the next rest stop may be 15 minutes or more down the road.

Please allow yourself more than enough time to get on/off your flight. The Brandon Air Shuttle cannot be responsible for missed flights or shuttles due to tight connections. If you would like to reserve a tight connection it is at your own risk, and we would ask you to give us accurate flight information so we can do our best to meet your needs. Please DO NOT get frustrated with our drivers; they reserve the right to remove you from the shuttle if you are compromising the comfort and/or safety of other passengers by exhibiting unruly or obnoxious behavior. We leave that decision to the discretion of our drivers.

The Brandon Air Shuttle has a NON-REFUNDABLE policy. We hold a seat because you’ve guaranteed payment for that seat.

Please call our office and let us know your reason for cancelling if your plans change so that we can keep the driver updated.

The Brandon Air Shuttle has to maintain the same rules and policies with all of its passengers. Even if you allow adequate time for the seat to be re-sold, that does not mean another passenger will call to book in your place.

At present, no. We appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you need a change. We do not allow you to change the direction of the ticket (eg. if you’ve scheduled Brandon to Winnipeg, you can’t change it to Winnipeg to Brandon).

The shuttle has the same policy as airlines in regards to which passenger may use a ticket. The person whose name is on the ticket is the person that is travelling – this may not be transferred to another individual. We also need to know the names of all passengers who are on-board the shuttle due to licensing.

The Brandon Air Shuttle is a scheduled service, however if a passenger has landed and has spoken to the driver before our scheduled departure time, the driver will consult the other passengers and may wait for your luggage. Please understand that some of the other passengers have been waiting several hours and that because luggage pick-up can take up to 20 minutes, the driver may be forced to take off at his/her scheduled departure time.

If your flight is delayed beyond our departure time, we will put you on the next available shuttle.

We understand that travelling can be stressful, so please call our office anytime as you are travelling with changes or concerns.

The Brandon Air Shuttle will travel as long as the #1 Highway is open. Please be aware that it may take longer to travel due to snow, ice, rain or other severe weather conditions. We do not have licensing to travel on the #2 Highway, which often times has worse driving conditions anyway.

Brandon to Winnipeg:

If you are concerned about making your flight, please call our office at least a day ahead of time and we will get you on an earlier shuttle, as long as space is available. When the highways are closed, we will still pick you up at the time we confirmed with you the night before, or we will call you if we decide to wait until the roads are open to begin pick-ups. The shuttle will then wait at the edge of city limits for the roads to open.

Winnipeg to Brandon:

Please call us to find out what is happening with the shuttle and to let our office staff know where you are, especially if the highway is closed. Once the roads are open we will give you an approximate time to be watching for the shuttle. Please be aware that our driver will need time to refuel the van and may need time to recharge if the driving conditions are overly strenuous. We have the safety of our passengers in mind at all times, so please be patient with our drivers and be aware that they are under a lot of stress when bad weather hits.

If the roads close while you are in Winnipeg, the driver will wait close to the edge of Headingley city limits for the roads to open. If you are forced to stay overnight the driver will choose a hotel in close proximity to the outskirts of Winnipeg so you can get on the road as quickly as possible when the roads open. The Brandon Air Shuttle does not assume responsibility for the cost of staying in Winnipeg overnight because bad weather conditions are beyond anyone’s control. If you would like to stay with family or friends in Winnipeg, please coordinate with the driver and be aware that you will have to return to the city limits of Winnipeg to catch the shuttle when it is ready to leave.

The shuttle leaves Brandon City Limits at our scheduled departure times.

You will receive a phone call the night before you travel from Brandon to Winnipeg to confirm your pick-up address and to give you an exact pick-up time. Your pick-up time will vary according to your location in Brandon and the pick-up points of the other passengers on the shuttle.

Please , if possible, give us a Manitoba phone number or contact person’s phone number. If we haven’t called you by about 8:00 pm, please call our office because we will have been trying to reach you.

We DO NOT drop-off at residences in Winnipeg.

We can drop-off at any business/medical facilities on Portage Ave. before we turn to go to the airport.

Hotel Drop-offs:
– Motel 1
– Howard Johnson Express
– Holiday Inn Airport West
– Any hotels in the airport area

Hospital Drop-offs:
– Grace Hospital
*Extra Charge for drop-offs at:
– Health Sciences Center
– Misericordia Health Center
– St. Boniface Hospital*

Please call to inquire about other drop-off Locations

There is a “shuttle stop” outside Door #2 on the Arrivals level at the Winnipeg Airport (downstairs). Please meet the driver either outside by the van, or at Door #2 of the terminal 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Most of our drivers will be wearing a burgundy shirt or jacket with our logo on it and carrying a clipboard.

DO NOT leave luggage unattended. Unfortunately, at the new airport we are no longer able to wait at the airport to take your luggage when you arrive off your flight. You are responsible for your luggage. Please DO NOT ask to leave your luggage with the information desk. The staff of the Winnipeg Airport is nice enough to answer some questions regarding the shuttle, so please be polite and considerate when you approach them, as they are not affiliated in any way with the Brandon Air Shuttle.

We can also make stops at Douglas Junction (Hwy 340), the Brookdale side road (Hwy 464), Carberry (Robins Nest-Hwy 5), Sidney (Hwy 352), Austin (Co-op Towerline Rd), MacGregor (Co-op Hwy 350), Portage la Prairie (Shell), Elie (Hwy 248) and Headingly (Nick’s Inn/Co-op). All these locations are on Hwy #1.

By law, all children are required to be in their own seat and wear a seatbelt. When you book the shuttle, please let us know the age of your child and whether they require a carseat or a booster seat, which will be provided by the Brandon Air Shuttle. You are also welcome to bring along your own carseat or booster seat if that is more convenient.

A baby is a person who needs the added security and protection of a carseat. We will provide those at your request and at no charge. All children receive the student rate on a return fare.

No. All one-way seats are the same price.

Holidays follow the weekend schedule

*No service on Christmas Day (December 25th)*

Each 10 passenger van gets regular oil changes and general maintenance. The drivers are required to inspect the vehicles prior to each run as well as note potential problems. Unfortunately, due to our climate changes and the results on our roads (we have a “pot-hole season” in Manitoba), the vans may have a few rattles. We apologize and want to assure you that any noises the vans make are from wear-and-tear from driving on our roads, not from negligence on the part of the Brandon Air Shuttle.

To book, use our online reservation system or call us direct or call your travel agent
– Brandon and area call direct 729-3332
– Outside Brandon (toll free) 1.888.884.5533

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